Beatriz Rodriguez and Aranzazu Ascunce

Beatriz Rodriguez and Aranzazu Ascunce have been collaborating in arts practices and organizing cultural events together for 20 years. Literacy and language is the overarching theme of their creative endeavors. Beatriz is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Universal Style School, a Bexar County educational consulting venture. Aranzazu is a communications consultant for Universal Style School and is the Co-Organizer of the “Not Even Once Mural” project that creates youth empowerment murals in the Hawaiian Islands. She blogs for Keep It Flowing out of Honolulu, New York, Miami and San Antonio.

Sueños de Papalotes

On Sunday, May 3, Universal Style School celebrated the children of San Antonio during Día del Niños with Sueños de Papalote, a family festival and art show that was #CertifiedAwesome by SA2020 as an event that’s helping us reach the SA2020

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