Allie Perez

Allie Perez was born and raised in San Antonio (graduate of Incarnate Word High School class of 2002), and graduated with a BFA in Drama and BA in English from New York University in 2006. In her second life she found a love of plumbing, and now operates a plumbing and air conditioning company locally. She also studies plumbing at St. Phillip's College in a program sponsored by the PHCC. Allie recently started Texas Women in Trades, an organization that aims to recruit young people, women and minorities to the trades. Her passions do not stop at plumbing, she also maintains a successful acting and directing career in local San Antonio theater.

Water Restrictions: What’s My Stage Again?

By Allie Perez   As someone who works in the plumbing industry, I know that one of the most important facets of environmental sustainability for San Antonio lies in the procurement and treatment of our scarce water supply. So important,

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Trade Workers Needed!

By Allie Perez  I’ve had the pleasure and honor of writing for SA2020 in regards to my passion for plumbing and San Antonio’s efforts and plans for sustainability. I operate a plumbing and hvac company in San Antonio and we

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A Passion for Plumbing

By Allie Perez I am Allie Perez, I’m inspired by our community’s efforts toward modern sustainability techniques, and I am SA2020! Currently, I operate a local plumbing and air conditioning company in San Antonio. Our customers are constantly concerned about water management due

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