Meet Our New Nonprofit Partners!

Say hello to the 18 new SA2020 Nonprofit Partners! These organizations are all working toward our shared community vision—across 10 of our Cause Areas.  This partnership will offer each of them opportunities to strengthen and better communicate their impact. It also allows us the opportunity to coordinate and align their efforts, fostering collaboration and strengthening San Antonio’s continuum of services. We’re thrilled to have these organizations on board, and we invite you to learn a little more about their programs and how they’re moving the needle on our shared goals:


Alzheimer’s Association    

The Alzheimer’s Association of San Antonio & South Texas’ mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

Individuals, families, and caregivers are better equipped to manage the activities of daily living, while having greater safety and security in doing so, because of the information and education that the Alzheimer’s Association provides about living with the disease and treatment.


Boysville, Inc.    

Boysville helps children and families break the intergenerational cycle of abuse and lead healthy lives. Boysville begins this work by fulfilling the basic necessities required for children to be safe, including food, shelter, clothing, and medical services. Children can then fully participate in and benefit from therapy, academic assistance, and recreational activities designed to support their recovery from the long-term effects of trauma.


Brighton Center  

Through early intervention and family support services, Brighton Center helps ensure that children with disabilities and developmental delays reach their full potential.

The Brighton Center’s nationally accredited program for children advances the development of every child in a supportive, safe, and nurturing environment that promotes learning through social interaction. In 2017, 98% of the children participating in the Early Childhood Intervention program improved their development within 6 months of enrollment. Of the children enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program, 100% of the children that graduate the program will have developed the skills necessary for success in kindergarten.


CAMP: Children’s Association for Maximum Potential  

The Children’s Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP) provides year-round recreation and education for children and adults with intellectual, developmental, and/or physical special needs. CAMP programming also invites their participants’ siblings without disabilities to participate, providing their caregivers with respite and ultimately improving the quality of life for entire families.


CONNECT + ABILITY at Warm Springs   

CONNECT + ABILITY at Warm Springs (CAWS) supports people with life-altering injuries and their families and caregivers.

By being a resource for navigating complex medical and insurance systems, CAWS allows individuals with disabilities and their family members to gain access to critical systems needed to maintain and improve health outcomes. This is provided through care coordination at no cost to the person regardless of income or insurance status. After sustaining a life-altering injury, many people realize that even if they thought they had an abundance of resources–both financial and emotional–these very resources are quickly depleted. The aftermath of a family member sustaining a life-altering injury puts a great burden on caregivers. CAWS offers counseling, workshops and respite opportunities to caregivers to learn skills needed to adapt to their new role, or simply reenergize as needed to continue to provide care to their loved one.


Gardopia Gardens     

Gardopia Gardens grows healthy communities through garden-based learning. Programs are generated to create opportunities for neighbors to build healthy habits for themselves, their families, and their environment, as well as engage in place-making to enhance safety and security in the neighborhood.

Gardopia Gardens contributes toward providing an experience for residents to connect with each other and their food, and to engage with and take ownership of unique resources in their community like green space. Participants in Gardopia’s programming learn how to grow their own food, how to sustain a garden, and connect with neighbors in an intentional way.


Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas      

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas (GSSWT) is committed to empowering girls in grades K-12 to discover, connect, and take action by engaging stakeholders to provide relevant and quality girl-led experiences through flexible Girl Scout Pathways.

By participating in GSSWT programming, a generation of girls will be better positioned to fuel the pipeline of female leadership. Girl Scout alumna are more likely to have a stronger sense of self, pursue higher education, be satisfied with life and in relationships, and are more likely to be leaders and active in community service and volunteer work.


Guardian House  

Guardian House works with families to prevent incidences of child abuse and neglect, reduce the traumatic effects of conflict and violence, facilitate healthy relationships, and foster a safe environment in which children can thrive.

Guardian House provides personalized services to meet the needs of each child, guardian, and family. This includes legal advice, mental health counseling, supervised visitation and exchange services, parent education, and support groups. In these programs, parents and caregivers learn about childhood development, strategies for coping with stress, how to increase hopeful thinking, goal-setting, positive discipline, empathy, and parenting approaches. By supporting families and nurturing happy, healthy, and secure children, Guardian House is transforming communities.


Guide Dogs of Texas    

Guide Dogs of Texas (GDTX) matches people who are visually impaired with a professionally bred and trained guide dog, increasing their freedom, mobility, and independence. From safely navigating curbs, sidewalks, and stairs, to helping individuals get to work, school, a medical appointment, or a friend’s house, quality guide dogs dramatically improve the quality of life of people who are visually impaired.


Madonna Center       

Madonna Center helps individuals and families improve their daily lives through education, connection to resources, healthy aging and a sense of community.

The Center is vital to the health of seniors and children and is recognized for the critical role it plays to the success of the City. The Madonna Center is key to Neighborhood interaction, the arts, culture and learning for children. The Center provides transportation for seniors, after school programming and Summer Camp activities. The in-home parenting of preschool children has been instrumental to the success of preschool children entering school prepared.


Rays of Relief  

Rays of Relief helps alleviate the financial burden associated with daily radiation therapy, regardless of tumor type or treating facility.

Rays of Relief helps promote a better healing process and wellness journey because their clients receive their prescribed radiation treatment without additional worry and stress associated with medical costs. With nearly 50-75% of patients diagnosed with cancer needing radiation, the financial assistance that Rays of Relief provides is critical because most facilities require payment in advance of receiving radiation therapy. This can lead patients to postpone or delay this critical step in their treatment.


San Antonio Pets Alive   

San Antonio Pets Alive is a life-saving organization that rescues dogs and cats at risk of being euthanized. Their mission is to save these animals after all other options have been exhausted.

San Antonio Pets Alive (SAPA!) helps to keep neighborhoods safe by housing animals that may pose a behavioral danger or health risk to residents, other pets, or wildlife. In addition to helping improve the conditions for all persons to engage safely in public spaces, SAPA! is also providing some individuals and families the opportunity to experience the benefits of caring for a pet.


Snack Pak 4 Kids   

Snack Pak 4 Kids serves weekend food supplements to children who face chronic hunger, strengthening their overall health, behavior, concentration, and ability to learn.

While Federal Nutrition programs provide meals for students during the school week, weekends are challenging too. Snack Pak 4 Kids serves students food packages on Fridays, creating a consistent, quality source of nutrition through the weekend and reducing the stress of chronic hunger on families. Teachers report that children who receive Snack Paks exhibit higher self-esteem and respond positively to the program’s focus on consistency and quality.


The Pink Berets   

It is the mission, duty and purpose of The Pink Berets to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to active duty women of the United States Armed Forces and Veterans seeking assistance with invisible injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma and Combat Trauma Stress on a local and national level.

A woman’s physical, emotional, and mental health depends on her ability to live without suffering from the effects of a trauma disorder. Women who participate in The Pink Berets’ programming can regain motivation and confidence to pursue personal and professional opportunities that may enhance their quality of life and future prospects.


The Prosthetic Foundation    

The Prosthetic Foundation supports amputees in obtaining quality prosthetics, comprehensive aftercare, and to generate public awareness about the effects of limb loss. The Prosthetic Foundation specifically provides funding to amputees who have limited ability to obtain prosthetic care otherwise.

Mobility support from a prosthesis dramatically increases a person’s quality of life. The independence and confidence that can come from increased mobility can lead to greater social connectedness and improved mental health, as well as an improved ability to succeed in educational and professional settings. Having a prosthesis is also important in preventing additional health complications that arise from being sedentary. This is especially important as the leading causes of limb loss includes vascular diseases, such as diabetes.


Thrive Youth Center, Inc.      

Thrive Youth Center provides a safe and supportive center for homeless LGBTQ youth, ages 18-25, so they may become productive, skilled, educated, and successful adults with the ability, opportunity, and possibility of achieving their dreams.

By first making sure that each client’s basic needs are met – food, shelter, ID recovery, and access to services addressing mental, emotional and physical health – Thrive Youth Center provides stability and support to through programs like: substance abuse recovery, financial literacy training, communication and social skills, GED classes, vocational opportunities, resume preparation, transportation assistance, and legal services. By providing stable housing, connections, and social-emotion well-being, Thrive Youth Center works toward making sure that all unaccompanied homeless youth have the opportunity and support needed to become healthy and successful adults.


Women’s Global Connection    

Women’s Global Connection promotes the learning and leadership capacity of women and girls locally and globally. Middle school and high school girls from San Antonio have an opportunity to strengthen their ability to positively influence their communities and enhance their ability to serve as leaders by gaining a global perspective through Women’s Global Connection programs.

The leadership and civic engagement training that participants receive through Girls Global Summit and Girls Leadership San Antonio helps participants engage with the concept that all individuals, regardless of culture, ethnicity, nationality, faith or spirituality, gender, sexuality, or class belong to a “common humanity.”


Yoga Day 

Yoga Day’s mission is to improve people’s physical, mental, and emotional health through yoga. By offering free and fee-based classes across San Antonio, Yoga Day strives to reduce financial, physical, and geographic barriers to participation. Yoga Day serves a range of individuals in tailored classes, including veterans, seniors, hospital patients, children, and teachers. Participants learn how to stretch, listen to their body, breathe therapeutically, meditate, calm their mind, and ultimately lead meaningful, mindful lives.

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