Presentations and Workshops

The SA2020 Team leads virtual presentations and workshops for nonprofits, local business teams, local governmental departments, classes, and more. Learn more about the presentations, interactive workshops, and additional topics we offer. Please fill out our form to set up a presentation or workshop.



SA2020 tailors presentations about San Antonio’s Community Vision to specific audiences for 45- or 60-minutes, including time for Q&A. Presentations are led on Zoom with a capacity of up to 90 attendees. Prospective audiences include:

  • Nonprofit staff and board members
  • Business teams
  • Public sector departments and offices
  • Classrooms


Topics include:


San Antonio’s Community Vision and the Big, Bold Efforts of the Last Decade

A community vision is significant not just for what it says, but for what it pushes us to accomplish together. Learn about the big, bold efforts—collaborative, targeted interventions and millions of dollars in public and private investment—that led this progress.


The Importance of San Antonio’s Community Vision During COVID-19

In 2010, thousands of San Antonians envisioned an “entire community—individuals, businesses, local government, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations” that “takes responsibility for our collective well-being.” Learn about the individuals and organizations rising to San Antonio’s Community Vision during COVID-19 to serve San Antonians in need and SA2020’s ongoing efforts to reaffirm and strengthen the shared vision for the next decade.

Interactive Workshops

Interactive workshops are a deeper dive into topics engaging participants throughout the session and providing tools and resources to apply in their work. Workshops are 2 hours and led on Zoom with a capacity of up to 90 attendees. Prospective audiences include:

  • Nonprofit staff and board members
  • Business teams
  • Public sector departments and offices
  • Classrooms


Topics include:


Equity: More than a Buzzword 

In this time of crisis, multi-sector organizations are shifting the way they work to meet the needs of San Antonians most vulnerable to COVID-19. This is the meaning of equity: policies, procedures, programs, and the distribution of resources account for the different histories, challenges, and needs of the people we serve. In this session, participants will learn why advancing equity is critical to reaching San Antonio’s Community Vision and gain resources to get started or deepen their existing work.


Results Driven, Data Informed: Using Data to Strengthen Impact

This interactive workshop strengthens the capacity of participants to analyze data, identify, prioritize, and evaluate performance metrics, and create evaluation processes to make a greater impact in their work. 


Changing the Narrative and Communicating for Impact

In this interactive workshop participants will learn how to effectively communicate the impact of their work. SA2020 will cover common communication pitfalls and share tools to transform communications toward shared values and goals.


Effective Nonprofit Board Leadership

This interactive workshop shares the importance of nonprofit leadership to reaching San Antonio’s Community Vision and introduces best practices in nonprofits board service, including resource development, oversight and governance, and strategic direction. The workshop is open to current nonprofit board members and people interested in serving.


Building Relationships for Transparent and Inclusive Community Engagement

In this interactive workshop, SA2020 will share the lessons learned from a decade of engaging the community to write, reaffirm, and strengthen San Antonio’s Community Vision. SA2020 will utilize the Community Engagement Dashboard to share best practices on data collection and reporting.


Leading Collaborations Towards Shared Community Results

Thinking about San Antonio’s Community Vision, what do we imagine is possible together? In this interactive workshop, SA2020 leads participants through a series of guiding questions to begin or deepen their collaborative work. Participants will learn foundational skills in how to “set the table” and advance the collaborative’s desired impact.


Additional Topics

SA2020 offers presentations and workshops on additional topics including, but not limited to, the list below. Email to learn more.

  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Political science
  • Public administration
  • Political science
  • Business management
  • Nonprofit management
  • Building Capacity and Managing Change
  • Strategic Management & Planning 
  • Performance Measurement and Impact Strategies