SA2020 Presentations

SA2020 leads interactive presentations about San Antonio’s shared Community Vision. Each presentation or workshop offers pathways to get involved and lead change, tailored to your organization or team. Prospective audiences include:

Topics Offered

See the presentation and workshop topics we offer below. Do you have a request for a different topic that aligns with San Antonio’s shared Community Vision? Tell us more when you complete the request form. (Interested in an SA2020 Team member serving as a panelist or moderator? You can use the form to request that, too.)

A community vision is significant not just for what it says, but for what it pushes us to accomplish together. Join Team SA2020 to learn about the 10 lessons the last decade of progress in San Antonio teaches us about leading change today and respond to calls to action to deepen your leadership and impact.

(Interested in Advancing Racial Equity Training? We do that too.)

In the last several years, the “equity lens” has become fashionable. In reality, equity is more than a buzzword. It is the method by which the community has driven large-scale change, improving people’s life outcomes across every Community Result. In this presentation, participants will learn how advancing equity, and specifically racial equity, uplifts the entire community.

At SA2020, we believe the data is only as important as the results we seek to achieve. Learn how SA2020 uses data collection, analysis, and reporting in order to tell stories that broaden perspectives and catalyze change.

Request a Presentation

As a tiny (but mighty!) team, we ask that requests be made at least two weeks ahead of a presentation. Team SA2020 will be in touch within a few days after receiving the form to follow up with any questions, discuss the fee, and confirm our availability. 

Presentation Fees
Our presentation fees support SA2020’s work driving progress toward the shared Community Vision. Fees range from $50 – $1,000 based on the length, format, topic, and organization’s budget. (Don’t let this cost deter you from submitting a request. We will work with your organization to consider reduced fees or waivers.)