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The Magik Theatre


How The Magik Theatre impacts San Antonio's shared Community Vision

The Magik Theatre’s performances and education programs fuel imagination, increase creativity and help young people understand the complexity of experiences. Magik contributes to education and increases the quality of life in San Antonio. Our shows are based on children’s books, and help improve literacy. Reaching more than 200,000 children and families annually, Magik’s programs raise attendance at arts organizations. As the only professional resident theatre company in San Antonio, Magik increases the number of people employed in the arts, and helps keep San Antonio talent in San Antonio. Thousands of children, teachers, parents and caregivers attend the Magik Theatre downtown each week, increasing their comfort level with downtown.

Community Results Impacted

Systemic Inequities Impacted

  • Small Business and Nonprofit Support
  • Workforce Development

The Magik Theatre serves:

  • Geographic Area
    State-wide: Including Bexar County and/or City of San Antonio
  • City Council District
    All 10 City Council Districts
  • Demographic Focus

Economic Impact:

$2,530,000 in revenue

Fiscal Year 2019

Coalitions and Collaborations: