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Hearts Need Art

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How Hearts Need Art impacts San Antonio's shared Community Vision

A nationally recognized Arts in Health organization, Hearts Need Art (HNA) provides arts engagement to people facing life-altering health challenges. HNA is committed to providing age, gender, and culturally- inclusive programming to all patients, including adolescents, adults, caregivers, and medical staff. HNA’s core programming includes Bedside Music, Bedside Art, Bedside Writing, and Corridor Concerts. HNA artists create moments of joy, self-expression, and connection to ensure that no patients feel alone.

Community Results Impacted

Racial Inequities Impacted

  • Health Access
  • Small Business and Nonprofit Support

Hearts Need Art serves:

  • Geographic Area Served
    Regionally: Including Bexar County and/or City of San Antonio
  • District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9 District 10
    City Council Districts Served
    All Districts

Economic Impact:

$270,875 in revenue

$1,586 in volunteerism

60 volunteer hours at a value of $26.43, as calculated by Independent Sector

Fiscal Year 2022

Coalitions and Collaborations:

  • None

Participation in SA2020 Capacity Building:

Powered by 14 People:

  • 3 Staff
  • 1 Interns
  • 10 Board Members

Fiscal Year 2022