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Guardian House

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How Guardian House impacts San Antonio's shared Community Vision

Founded in 1997, Guardian House embraces the best interest of every child by teaching families how to build strong, positive relationships. Guardian House serves families at high risk of perpetuating cycles of abuse, high-conflict divorce, domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, and/or child abuse. For these families, Guardian House provides trauma-informed parenting classes, mental health counseling, family reunification, monitored exchanges, and supervised visitations. Through this work, families reunite and learn anger management techniques, couples learn how to communicate, parents develop co-parenting skills, children heal from trauma, and so much more. Recognizing the safety needed to begin healing and strengthening relationships, all services are delivered in a welcoming environment, free of charge or on a sliding scale.

Community Results Impacted

Racial Inequities Impacted

  • Family Violence
  • Health Access
  • Small Business and Nonprofit Support

Guardian House serves:

  • Geographic Area Served
    Regionally: Including Bexar County and/or City of San Antonio
  • District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9 District 10
    City Council Districts Served
    All Districts

Economic Impact:

$734,401 in revenue

Fiscal Year 2020

Coalitions and Collaborations:

  • None

Participation in SA2020 Capacity Building:

Powered by 42 People:

  • 14 Staff
  • 15 Interns
  • 13 Board Members

Fiscal Year 2020