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How Friends of Spare Parts impacts San Antonio's shared Community Vision

Spare Parts inspires and supports the growing San Antonio creative community through environmental accountability. Spare Parts has three main programs: Re-Edu, Re-Mix, and Re- Create. Re-Edu focuses on professional development for teachers, Pre-K through 12th grade, in all content areas. Re-Mix is a one-time creative program tailored to events and classrooms. Re-Create, through partnerships, educates the public about reuse through art in community exhibitions. Across all programming, Spare Parts seeks to change the way community members, at all age levels, purchase, use, and dispose of waste. Spare Parts' innovative expression of art is rooted in their core values: support cultural and environmental sustainability; provide affordability and accessibility to the arts; offer community education; and foster creativity, green-style. In April 2021, Spare Parts opened the Center for Creative Reuse which facilitates the intake of pre-owned creative materials and supplies that would otherwise be thrown away or underutilized and offers them back into the community through their program offerings and storefront.

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$53,104 in revenue

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Fiscal Year 2020

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Fiscal Year 2020