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How Endeavors impacts San Antonio's shared Community Vision

Endeavors was founded in San Antonio in 1969 by churches to help meet the needs of people who are homeless. Today, Endeavors' work falls under three pillars of service: Community and Family Services, Veterans Support and Wellness, and Emergency Services. Within these pillars, various programs support mental health, veteran employment and housing, homelessness prevention, employment for people with disabilities, child welfare, and disaster recovery. Endeavors supports victims of Presidentially Declared disasters across Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Endeavors is a We Hire Vets and Leading Disability Employer.

Community Results Impacted

Systemic Inequities Impacted

  • Health Access
  • Housing
  • Small Business and Nonprofit Support
  • Workforce Development

Endeavors serves:

  • Geographic Area
    Nationally: Including Bexar County and/or City of San Antonio
  • City Council District
    All 10 City Council Districts
  • Demographic Focus

Economic Impact:

$50,590,022 in revenue

Fiscal Year 2020

Coalitions and Collaborations: