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Bexar County Family Justice Center

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How Bexar County Family Justice Center impacts San Antonio's shared Community Vision

The Bexar County Family Justice Center offers survivors of interpersonal violence and their children a single, safe location to receive comprehensive crisis services. It brings together in one location, a multi-disciplinary team of agencies and professionals to support a victim's transition from a life of crisis and 'just surviving' to a life that is safe, stable, and hope-filled. The BCFJC provides free, confidential services including crisis intervention, safety planning, protective order assistance, adult counseling, child therapy, childcare while receiving BCFJC services, financial empowerment education, and more so that survivors become self-reliant and violence-free. If the services needed are not available onsite, staff work with offsite community partners so that any referrals are warm, smooth, and trauma-informed. As one of the primary referral sources for domestic/intimate partner violence in Bexar County, BCFJC serves approximately 4,000 individuals each year. That number skyrocketed to more than 5,000 in 2020 and will exceed 6,000 in 2021.

Community Results Impacted

Racial Inequities Impacted

  • Family Violence
  • Small Business and Nonprofit Support

Bexar County Family Justice Center serves:

  • Geographic Area Served
    County-wide: Across Bexar County only
  • District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9 District 10
    City Council Districts Served
    All Districts

Economic Impact:

$586,219 in revenue

Fiscal Year 2021

Coalitions and Collaborations:

  • The Commission on Collaborative Strategies to Prevent, Combat, and Respond to Domestic Violence

Participation in SA2020 Capacity Building:

Powered by 56 People:

  • 1 Staff
  • 8 Interns
  • 26 Volunteers
  • 21 Board Members

Fiscal Year 2021