New Decade.
Stronger Vision.

2021 Investment Opportunities

With a decade-long track record of success, the momentum for San Antonio’s shared Community Vision and our work has never been stronger. We have hosted more than 245,000 visitors to since its launch in 2012 and connected with more than 56,000 followers across our social media channel with upwards of 200,000 impressions each month. The following investment opportunities provide a connection to our audiences, while strengthening our capacity to drive progress through research, storytelling, and practice.

Keeping our team and the community safe is a priority. All of our programs and events will remain virtual through August 2021. We’re keeping the possibility open of hosting in-person programs and events by September 2021, but will follow the guidance of health experts and make that call as we get a little further into the year.

To secure your sponsorship for any of the following opportunities—or to learn more—please email Ariane, our Director of Operations, at


We produce broadly accessible and actionable research.

Data Dashboard & Community Result Ecosystem — Ongoing

The ideal sponsors have a proven track record of investing in organizations that move the needle on specific Community Results.

In January 2021, SA2020 launched a refreshed website with monthly unique viewers topping 4,000. Building upon a decade of community engagement, partnerships, and research, SA2020 will further generate an interactive web experience on each of the nine Community Result webpages where users will interact with prioritized indicators, identify multi-sector organizations making an impact, learn about targeted interventions needed to reach shared goals, and commit to timely calls to action. This project has the potential to strengthen community engagement and the capacity of multi-sector organizations to better meet the different needs of San Antonians through COVID-19 recovery and beyond.

Community Result Sponsor 

$25,000 | 1 available per result

  • Logo placement on Result page
  • Logo on printed report card for the year following the investment
  • An institution-specific impact report showing your company or organization’s investment in the sponsored Result
  • Acknowledgement and quote in press release for updated site
  • Recognition on SA2020 website, social media, and newsletter

Biennial Community Survey — July-November 2021

The ideal sponsor cares deeply about localizing and disaggregating data in order to tell more complete stories about San Antonio’s progress.

With San Antonio’s shared Community Vision now strengthened through 2030, SA2020 will launch a community-wide survey to gather information directly from San Antonians. This survey, administered digitally in October 2021, will gauge trust in government, arts attendance, volunteerism, and philanthropy and will help SA2020 report on community indicators prioritized by San Antonians.


We tell stories that broaden perspectives and reshape narratives.

Live Conversations — April, July, & September 2021

The ideal sponsor will be interested in supporting the engagement of community members in San Antonio’s shared Community Vision.

During Live Conversations, SA2020 shares more complete stories of San Antonio’s progress, highlighting Partners and San Antonians leading change. In 2020, Live Conversations were held with representatives from VIA Metropolitan Transit, Project Quest, LiftFund, and Pre-K 4 SA, engaging nearly 2,000 people. / — March-June 2021

The ideal sponsor is committed to informing and engaging San Antonio voters.

This one-stop, online resource offers San Antonians easy access to all things municipal election: who is running, what’s on the ballot, and FAQs. Produced in English and Spanish, SA2020 hosts and updates this site. During the 2019 municipal election, the website had 2,500 unique visitors.

Journal — September 2021

The ideal sponsor will be interested in supporting the engagement of community members in San Antonio’s shared Community Vision.

SA2020 will publish an annual online journal that elevates the conversation on issues of the day, while introducing urgent topics in need of greater dialogue. The journal aims to broaden people’s perspectives and inspire deeper engagement. SA2020 will celebrate San Antonians by commissioning original work from local artists, writers, poets, photographers, and young thinkers. The journal will be race-conscious, modeling how to explicitly and responsibly talk about racial equity. In 2022, SA2020 will expand publication of the journal to twice a year.

The Collective — January 2022

The ideal sponsor will be interested in supporting the engagement of community members in San Antonio’s shared Community Vision.

The Collective is a series of workshops, artist talks, and hands-on activities led by San Antonians—all designed to inspire community-driven action. Speakers exemplify how San Antonians can lead change, connecting their expertise to Community Results in unique and unexpected ways. In January 2021, the inaugural event featured 37 speakers leading 26 virtual sessions and inspiring 418 participants.


We engage organizations and institutions across sectors to affect change.

Nonprofit Partner Capacity-Building & Support — Ongoing

The ideal sponsor will be interested in supporting the capacity-building of nonprofit organizations to advance racial equity.

Nonprofit Partners are integral to San Antonio’s progress. They work every day to make the city better, change people’s lives, and move San Antonio closer to reaching the Community Vision. Throughout the year, SA2020 supports Nonprofit Partners in strengthening and communicating their impact by hosting gatherings, surveys, and training that are responsive to their needs in real time.

In SA2020’s interactive Advancing Racial Equity training, Nonprofit Partners affirm shared language to talk more effectively about race, learn how to identify institutional implicit bias, and practice operationalizing racial equity in a specific policy or program. In 2020, SA2020 trained 123 leaders representing 40 nonprofits. Ninety-one percent of all training participants reported a greater understanding of their organization’s role in advancing equity and impacting San Antonio’s Community Vision, and 100% would recommend the training to people in their networks.

The Board Game — June-September 2021

The ideal sponsor will be interested in supporting the capacity-building of local nonprofit organizations and connecting San Antonians with opportunities to serve.

As part of the shared Community Vision, San Antonians envisioned a city that “fosters leaders across the community who collaborate to reach shared goals.”

The Board Game, SA2020’s annual leadership development training and matching program for nonprofit board service, will take place in September 2021. SA2020 trains the leadership of Nonprofit Partners on best practices in board development and recruits San Antonians to learn how to successfully apply and serve on a nonprofit board. The training centers how to advance racial equity through nonprofit board service.

SA2020 matches San Antonians to current board openings based on the needs identified by Nonprofit Partners, including knowledge, skills, and experience. In 2019, after identifying a gap of more than 600 board seats among Nonprofit Partners, SA2020 trained and matched 144 individuals to 46 organizations.

To secure your sponsorship for any of these opportunities—or to learn more—please email Ariane, our Director of Operations, at